Port-Louis is reinventing itself! It will rise as a real Capital city through a strategic urban development plan,
involving both the government and the private sector. Attractiveness is the cornerstone of this Master Plan encompassing the main attributes of a modern city.

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“ Functionality, durability, aesthetics, the Capital evolves into a jewel case for Tower Eighty-Eight ”

“ By bringing Port-Louis into the modern world, this Master Plan will strongly enhance land and real estate value ”

“ Acquiring a piece of real estate is investing in an art of living. With Tower Eighty-Eight it will be outstanding ! ”


Avant-garde and visionary

Tower Eighty-Eight is an avant-garde and visionary project embodying the announced renaissance of the Capital of Mauritius. Preparations have started since November 2016 and constructions have started since end of 2017.
Situated within one minute of the Immigration Square, close to Chinatown, Tower Eighty-Eight finds itself at the heart of the Port-Louis’ Master Plan, benefitting directly from the multiple projects planned at the Immigration Square, the Aapravasi Ghat and Chinatown.

Overlooking the sea and close to everything

Facing onto the sea, Tower Eighty-Eight is the starting point of the renaissance and redevelopment of the district of Chinatown. It is situated close to Port-Louis’ business center and services, within walking distance from the Central Market and the Waterfront.
The project includes a commercial zone at the ground floor and apartments above the floors reserved for parking bays. It will thus encourage an influx of visitors and boost commercial activities, giving a new impetus to this area. This commercial space will also have a comprehensive package of services and facilities intended to improve the quality of life of the residents.

Contemporary & sophisticated haven

The 14th floor’s Clubhouse is a unique setting open exclusively to the residents. Welcome to an amazing open-air garden where royal palms reign, overlooking a stunning terrace and a huge infinity pool.

This Clubhouse includes private salons, a lounge and a library. This will be your astonishing peace haven where you will host your meetings and parties or simply relax. From the resto-bar’s terrace, enjoy a breath-taking view on the port, the mountains and the sea, as the City lies at your feet. On clear days, the sky will wear red and orange hues while the majestic Gunner’s Coin will lure you from faraway. A magical background for a taï-chi, yoga ou Pilates session in the sports zone. Or simply chill out. Around the pool, long sunbeds will entice you to take a break.


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    Club house
    Sports Area
    Swimming Pool
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    Shopping Area
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    Underground Parking
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The 2-bedrooms
apartments symbolise
the perfect living space
where warmth and comfort
blend into a refined
yet functional design.
Huge windows stretch
in the apartments,
flooding the room
with sunlight and allowing
the residents to enjoy
astonishing panoramas

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The 3-bedrooms apartments,
intended for modern family life,
appartements de 3 chambres
offer living quarters making
the most of the open space
and contemporary design.
The apartment is superbly open
to let in the daylight and
provide a view over the
beautiful surrounding
nature scenes.

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The luxurious Penthouses embody the successful blend between interior sophistication and the beautiful views on the urban panorama of Port-Louis, the mountains protecting the city and the sea. These elegant residencies, set in a contemporary style, reflect the perfect harmony between warm and huge open spaces and private areas.

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Yes, as requests were high for smaller apartments, VISIO architects managed to insert a couple of studios and 1 bedroom apartments on the 10-11-12 floors. Contact us for more details on these.

The apartment are delivered with flooring, semi-solid doors, sanitary tapwares of brand Paffoni or equivalent, kitchen from brand Cuisine Raison together with its oven, extractor and hob.

The 19 floor building will take a timeline of 24 months for completion. After the procuration of the GFA by the SBM by end of November 2017, the construction has started since end of 2017.

For every question related to pricing, please contact the Sales team through the contact form below, or by phone on: 52 56 37 07.

Yes, any property gains more value as it is located on a higher floor.

A budget will be presented to all owners. We however anticipate a rate of Rs60 per sqm.

Yes, there will be security cameras, security guard at entrance, and lifts through access cards.

A company specializing in conciergerie and rental has been earmarked. Their services will be proposed to the clients at a negotiated rate.

On the new updated price list, a parking lot is now already included in the price of the apartment. For any additional parking lot request, please contact the Sales team via the contact form.

The fourth floor can be used as a Home / Office space. It features a hanging garden.

The grade A contractor China Jiangsu is the contractor. They have worked on premium villas and major office towers in Mauritius.

Apartments referenced A to D have view over the northern sea whereas apartment referenced E to H have view over the harbor front.

Any party can rent the studio or apartment. It will be to the discretion of the owner or the rental management company.

With the new guideline from the BOI, expatriates can purchase an apartment in a new building of G+2 and above as long as the apartment is of a value of Rs6m and above.

Un étranger peut acquérir un seul bien, d’une valeur minimum de Rs. 6M. L’achat de plusieurs biens juxtaposés est envisageable, ils pourraient être combinés et agencés de manière spécifique. Pour autant, il devra s’agir que d’un seul bien faisant l’objet d’un s’un contrat de vente.

An expatriate can only purchase one apartment with a minimum sales price of Rs 6m. If the client purchases 2 apartments, we could eventually combine them and internally subdivide for 3 distinct usage or rental. The unit will however feature on one single deed of sale.

None for the time being and it is subject to government regulatory.

The Property Manager and Syndic will ensure that there is no excessive noise while using the club house.

No. Strict construction and engineering measures have been taken in order to avoid such.

The Property Manager and Syndic will take necessary measures to secure and reinforce the trees during cyclonic weather.

The project has its Building and Land Use Permit obtained from the municipality which allows the construction to start. The experienced contractors have already done their site analysis and know how to operate.

It will take 24 months as from the date construction starts.

Yes, based on the real estate market's evolution, the confirmed development projects in Port-Louis (at Immigration Square and Victoria station among others), and the GFA procuration for Tower 88, first buyers (in 2016) already obtained a 30% value increase on their apartments. It is forecast that prices will increase again during the construction phase (under 24 months).

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